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We know lack of cash flow can break or make your business.


Marathon Financial has been a licensed California Finance Lender since 2006 with over 30 years of business experience. We know how to get you funded.

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Step #2 Submit invoices with proof of completion.
Step #3 Marathon wires funds.

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All credit risks including start ups accepted. No long term contracts or up front fees. Affordable pricing. Funding within 24 hours of accepted invoices.

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Marathon Financial has served hundreds of small to medium size businesses nationwide by creating successful relationships one business owner at a time. Howard Nevins started Marathon in 2005 and takes great pride in having sustained long term customers using direct and clear business practices. He understands that no individual or business situation is the same and encourages the need for a flexible sound approach. Let us show you the way to achieve your cash flow solutions!

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    How Invoice Factoring Works With Marathon Financial

    If you have reliable B2B customers or clients who pay according to your invoice terms but you need funds sooner, invoice factoring services can help even out your cash flow. Marathon Financial is an experienced factoring company that gives you a fast, affordable, flexible way to access the funds you already have coming.

    What Is It?

    Invoice factoring is a way of getting cash flow now from your unpaid invoices. It is widely used by small to medium sized businesses in a wide variety of industries, from small manufactured, to large event planners and companies in the service industry to general contractors, engineering companies and everything in between. Most smaller businesses fail not from a lack of customers, but from a lack of working capital — so these loans are a way to bridge that gap and stay productive and profitable.

    What Is It Not?

    Invoice factoring is unlike invoice financing, also known as accounts receivable financing, because with invoice financing you borrow against the invoice value but continue to handle your invoices in-house. With our service, the payment comes to us after we have advanced you a portion of the invoice amount.

    How It Works?

    With invoice factoring, you first invoice your customer, then sell or assign some or all of your outstanding invoices to the factor along with proof of completion, and the factor then immediately wires you a large percentage of the funds. Once the customer pays the invoice amount, the factor then sends you the balance of the invoice minus the factoring fee.

    Before any of that happens, though, we will make sure you and your customers are a good risk. Marathon Financial requires you to fill out an application and also pre-approves a credit review of any of your customers whose invoices you wish to use for factor financing. One of the side benefits of our due diligence is that we conduct business credit checks on your new customers as well as your existing customers, so together we can only work with creditworthy debtors.

    Benefits of Using a Factoring Service

    Speed of funding is one of the biggest advantages. That’s because once your application is approved and we’ve done our due diligence on the customers whose invoices you choose to assign to us, you’ll get your funding within 24 hours of approval.

    Flexibility is another benefit: You can choose which of your receivables to factor, which allows you to maintain control and is helpful in making our service as cost effective as possible.

    Other great reasons to use invoice factoring by Marathon Financial include daily updates on your account, personal service from a well-established company, and sensitivity to your relationships with your clients.

    To request a free, no obligation quote on our factoring services, give us a call at (800) 647-0850 or apply online today!