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Why use Marathon

In order to grow, businesses today need help managing their cash flow.  Many business may not qualify for a bank loan but Marathon can provide funding to any company that has valid invoices from a credit worthy customer. Marathon has a track record of delivering fast funding solutions since 2005 to businesses just like yours.

We understand that no two businesses or owners are the same.  We offer tailored fit affordable flexible finance programs based on your specific industry, the need for disclosure based on your relationship your customer, and your overall capital needs. The more we know the more we can help, call Marathon today at (800) 657-0850.

Marathon has the right funding solution for you!

Marathon is one of the largest funders to small business owners in the US.  Our understanding of your needs accompanied with our experience allows us to offer a comfortable funding approach that other regulated funders cannot offer.  Marathon can make a difference you your companies success.



Please follow these simple steps:

1.  Contact us at (800) 647-0850 or complete the Online Application.

2.  Marathon runs your customer’s credit report and provides you with a Commitment Letter.

3.  Upon acceptance we will forward the final paperwork to get you funded.

Read about what some of our clients had to say.

“Working with Marathon has stabilized our daily cash flow, giving us more capital and confidence to meet our future goals. They have been great for us. They delivered what they promised!”

“We would not be in business today if it were not been for Marathon’s creativity, capital, and insights into improving our cash flow. They had faith in us when the banks didn’t care less.”

“When our advertising sales business floundered due to insufficient cash flow, we turned to Marathon. They turned on the taps when the bank turned their back!”

“Now I don’t dread those Friday afternoons looking for money to meet payroll. Thank you Marathon for smoothing out our cash flow bumps!”

“Marathon has become a true partner and support to help us see how seamlessly we could finance our receivables and now enjoy a predictable cash flow. Now our collections are coming in quicker than ever before.”

“Excellent insight & support! Marathon bent over backwards to figure the best route to get us the money we needed. Howard’s insights and experience were invaluable to our growth. I can honestly says we would not be where we are without Marathon’s help.

Marathon Financial
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