Get funds for your invoices now. Why Wait?


Improve your Cash Flow and make your payroll every Friday

As a business owner if your employee notice your are struggling to make payroll you are in trouble. The mindset and performance of your employees mirrors your creditably to do what you say and follow thru….and they rely on getting their paychecks on time without excuses. Miss one payroll could be the worst single act […]

Film Industry Vendors and Services Companies Needs Cash Quick 

The Film industry has grown dramatically in recent years, the demand for new technology required to run a service company today has exceeds what the average company capable to support. The variety of technology and the number of units that even the smallest company require to be competitive and afford a demanding support network that […]

Getting More Capital for your Business.

Typically small businesses can grind out a small line of credit from their bank. Let’s assume you have a $40,000 line of credit with your bank. You have a solid long-standing working relationship with your bank and you can finally see that your company is positioned for growth, but this $40k line is simply not […]

What are your best financing options as you grow your business?

Yes, it’s true, surviving the business cycles depends on a number of issues:  sales, profit margins, labor base, marketing, management and always your business financing. There are many ways to finance a startup or robustly growing business; invoice factoring is one of those flexible options that can easily grow with your  business success. Which types […]

Know your “Why”. Learn Why You Should Use a Factoring Company.

Know Your Why? Top Reasons to Use a Factoring Company Many people know why a factoring company advances money…to make healthy returns,  but you should know exactly why you will benefit from working with a receivables company. Make Payroll: “No need to worry about making payroll again, focus your time on what you do best.” […]

Figure out your cash flow before taking on those new orders. Learn the benefits of invoice factoring!

Machine Shop Factoring – Plan ahead and beat your competition.  Machine shops will benefit from improved economic conditions when new purchase orders are re-directed back to our homeland.  This improvement in rapid growth can create cash flow shortages for many small machine owners that may not have the cash reserves needed to purchase necessary raw materials at a discount, or […]

Make it easy to grow your business by diligently extending terms

Extending credit terms to your customers is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. If  you already offer payment terms to customers in good standing do you complete a background check. analysis?  If  your customers pay on time, all is good, but what happens if they don’t pay you timely or not at […]

Factoring my invoices is too expensive….or is it?

Why would anyone want to pay those expensive rates to get funds now for their Accounts Receivables? YES, on the surface the cost of funds for factoring your invoices is expensive i.e. can range from 1.5% to 4% depending on the industry, dollar volume, size of invoices, perceived risk, personal and business credits, etc. In reality, […]

15 Mar

How can you grow your company faster. Improve your cash flow!

Factoring can help your company grow faster while improving your profit margins at the same time! In an effort to grow your company faster business owners need to turn their dollars over more often. By example many in the manufacturing industry may only have ample cash flow to turn their inventory over 6-8 times per […]