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After we review all the requested documents (which usually takes 24 to 48 hours) we will sign an agreement. Once the agreement is signed we ask you to submit documentation for credit checking your customers and verification of initial invoices that you wish to factor. Upon completion of the credit and verification funding will occur immediately.
Marathon Financial has funded companies with IRS or state tax liens. It depends on monthly volume in relation to the tax lien and if the government agency will work with us. After we complete our due diligence we will make every effort to satisfy your needs.
This is a very common question that we often get asked. Establishing a factoring account is a positive statement to make to your clients. It shows that your company is growing fast, and that you are financially strong enough to qualify for this type of financing. Smaller companies with poor balance sheets usually cannot qualify for these services.
With permission of the court we will consider funding a bankrupt company.
Yes. All factored invoices are stamped payable to Marathon Financial. Since factoring is now so common, almost all account debtors will work with you. The negative connotation of factoring is yesteryear. Our staff acts as your collection team and we represent you with professionalism. Also, notification from a factor usually generates quicker payments from your customers as factors report payment history to national credit reporting firms.
We are comfortable in all industries other than third parties medical industries. Our primary focus is industry wide manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, construction related, apparel companies, and most service related businesses.

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