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Aerospace Invoice Factoring


Advancing funds in the aerospace industry is our core business, and notably what we do best. Whether your aerospace-related company is a startup with no established credit or a firm that has been in business for decades, invoice factoring can be an excellent way to get the aerospace and machine shop funding you need to maintain a positive cash flow even when customers are slow to pay.

With our aerospace factoring, you can still pay your bills on time and make payroll — or even use the finds to expand your reach and grow into new markets. Marathon Financial makes all of this possible with a simple application process and service that is fast, affordable and sensitive to your relationships with your customers.

Benefits of Invoice Factoring for Aerospace Industries Supplier & Machine Shops

Invoice factoring is a type of funding that comes with a lot of advantages over other funding types. For one thing, it is fast: Funding comes within 24 hours of us approving the invoices you send. Second, it is based on your customers’ credit strength, not yours — so it’s great for startups. And since we appreciate how you’ve worked to build trust with your clients, Marathon can design a seamless notification process to use with them.

How Does Marathon Financial’s Aerospace Industry Funding Work?

You choose the invoices to send us (as many or as few as you want); we perform credit checks of your customers and confirm that the work was completed, and then we fund you right away.

Then, once your customers pay the invoices, we will pay off the portion that we advanced minus our fee, and send the balance to you. That’s it!
Whether you need better cash flow for material advances or new business orders, or just to meet your usual payroll when creditworthy customers take too long to pay, Marathon can help. Call us today at (800) 647-0850 or click here to request a free quote.