Get funds for your invoices now. Why Wait?

Manufacturers Invoices Factoring

Manufacturing companies have to be able to make their cash flow work in order to keep producing goods, making payroll and keeping customers happy. Marathon Financial offers cash advances to many different types of companies in the manufacturing sector, including engineering companies, machine shop owners, and fabricators.

Using factoring for your manufacturing funding has many benefits:

  • Our manufacturing factoring helps you to meet cash flow demands to fund payroll, obtain material advances, or take advantage of new business opportunities.
  • We run business credit reports of your customers at no cost to you, so you gain more insight into the companies you deal with.
  • There are no long term contracts and no up front fees. We try to keep our manufacturing factoring process as streamlined and hassle-free as possible!
  • With funding within 24 hours of approved invoices, you no longer have to wait to be paid.
  • Your relationship with your customers takes top priority! We’ll work with you to design a seamless notification process for your clients.

How does Manufacturing Factoring work?

The process of applying for our manufacturing funding is fast and simple:

Step 1: Send Invoices

Send us the invoices of your choice for funding. Whether you send us all, most, or some — that’s up to you!

Step 2: Receive funds

We complete a credit review of your customer, confirm completion of work, and fund you immediately.

Step 3: Process payment

Once we receive payment from your customer, we pay off the portion of the funds advanced to you minus our fee, and we then rebate the balance to you.

With our manufacturing factoring, Marathon has provided funds to manufacturers since 2005 to help smooth out their cash flow bumps from slow paying debtors. We can help you grow without the daily stresses of waiting for checks in the mail.

To request a free quote on manufacturing funding from Marathon Financial, call us today at (800) 647-0850. You can also request a free quote by clicking here.