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About Us

About Us

Marathon Financial was started in 2005 by Howard Nevins to fulfill the cash flow needs of local small business owners in Los Angeles. Today, he takes great pride in serving hundreds of small to medium size businesses nationwide by creating successful relationships one business owner at a time. He knows that every business situation is unique and encourages a flexible sound approach to meet the cash flow demands for your business. Let Marathon show you the way!

Hear success stories straight from our clients

“Working with Marathon has stabilized our daily cash flow, giving us more capital and confidence to meet our future goals. They have been great for us. They delivered what they promised!”

“We would not be in business today if it were not been for Marathon’s creativity, capital, and insights into improving our cash flow. They had faith in us when the banks didn’t care less.”

“When our advertising sales business floundered due to insufficient cash flow, we turned to Marathon. They turned on the taps when the bank turned their back!”

“Now I don’t dread those Friday afternoons looking for money to meet payroll. Thank you Marathon for smoothing out our cash flow bumps!”

“Marathon has become a true partner and support to help us see how seamlessly we could finance our receivables and now enjoy a predictable cash flow. Now our collections are coming in quicker than ever before.”

“Excellent insight & support! Marathon bent over backwards to figure the best route to get us the money we needed. Howard’s insights and experience were invaluable to our growth. I can honestly says we would not be where we are without Marathon’s help.

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