Get funds for your invoices now. Why Wait?

Know your “Why”. Learn Why You Should Use a Factoring Company.

Know your “Why”. Learn Why You Should Use a Factoring Company.

Know Your Why?

Top Reasons to Use a Factoring Company

Many people know why a factoring company advances money…to make healthy returns,  but you should know

exactly why you will benefit from working with a receivables company.

Make Payroll: “No need to worry about making payroll again, focus your time on what you do best.”

Pay a Supplier: “We need to pay our trusted supplier for raw materials – get a discount.”

Turned down by your bank: “Factoring is your fastest route to funds and the easiest way to qualify.  No pressure,use it only as you need it.”

Receivables Management: “We can be a second set of eyes to help monitor your invoices and track incoming payments.”

Collection Department: “Factored are professional trackers of your accounts receivables, thus can assist in demanding attention to get your invoices

paid timely.   Why have your funds tied up in accounts receivables when you need them for payroll.”

Improve Cash Flow: “You can make more money when you have more money at your fingertips.”

Fast Growth: “If sales are growing, but cash flow is dwindling we can change that formula into real growth and profit.”

No Debt: “Factoring is funded without the debt reflected on your financial statement- this is not a loan.”

Struggling to fill Large Orders: “We can help advance funds on those large orders if you are spreading your funds over many deals.”

The Benefits of Financing with Marathon Financial are simple: 

1. Our application, approval, and funding cycle is often completed in a matter of days. No tax returns, No Upfront fees, No mandatory minimums !

2. You are simply trading your dormant invoices for available cash today to meet payroll or take on new business.

3. Personalize easy to read daily ledgers to keep you up to date on your activity.  We are your trusted back office use us as needed.

For more information about invoice factoring, contact Howard Nevins today at (800) 647-0850.

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