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Film Industry Vendors and Services Companies Needs Cash Quick 

Film Industry Vendors and Services Companies Needs Cash Quick 

The Film industry has grown dramatically in recent years, the demand for new technology required to run a service company today has exceeds what the average company capable to support. The variety of technology and the number of units that even the smallest company require to be competitive and afford a demanding support network that most companies could never competently put together. The ability to create a well tuned and functional support system for their technology  can only be done efficiently by professional support organizations.

Another main issue behind the substantial growth of the vendor to the film industry is the complexity of the technology. The simple fact is that the average company today cannot financially keep up with the changing demands required be an industry leader. It takes a professional organization to keep up with these persistent changes and to be able to offer competent support. A company that does not specialize in technology support is no longer going to invest the vast sums of money required to keep up with technology.

Accounts Receivable Funding Capitalizes on Your Company’s Financial Strength To Its Advantage

The invoices that your company generates are actually proof of the ability that your company has to maintain long-term relationships with clients. Although you may provide vital services to the television, movie, or film industries, its the cash flow holding power that is your financial strength of your organization. The problem starts when your payers delay payments for a myriad of reason thus delaying your future commitments and creating cracks in your world of stable cash flow history; you start to feel limited in your goals. Factoring your accounts receivables can quickly access funds tied up in your outstanding invoices used as collateral for cash advances and gets you the financial stability and emotional soundness you need to meet all of your company’s ongoing financial needs. You may not need to go to the bank for a loan affecting your balance sheet, and you will never have to worry about your cash flow running out. As long as your company is generating invoiced sales, then you will have the cash flow you need to run your business.

Marathon is the recognized as one of the most trusted leaders in accounts receivables funding services to small and medium sized service. We have worked with most of the major studios above and below the line including  Focus Features, Fox Searchlight, 20th Century Fox,  Sony, The Weinstein Company, Netflix, Paramount, Moxie USA, Maxus, NBC, and Starz to name a few.

Business owners do not need to wait for their invoices to pay; they represent immediate access to your cash flow. Take advantage of your critical asset and compete better in your industry by contacting Marathon Financial.  typically funding with in 3 days of submission of  application only. Turn your account receivable into cash in your bank account and sleep better at night knowing you have payroll covered every Friday!  We have the experience, the track record, and the time to provide you with the understand on how easy it is to grow your company faster smarter and more profitably.We have over 30 years of business finance experience  customized services tailor fit to customers on business owner at a time.  We understand no two owners cash flow needs are the same, and its necessary to provide flexible clear programs that  get to the root issues with providing cash flow services.

Contact Marathon Financial for a no obligation quote, or just to meet us and learn more how this can benefit your company.