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What are your best financing options as you grow your business?

What are your best financing options as you grow your business?

Yes, it’s true, surviving the business cycles depends on a number of issues:  sales, profit margins, labor base, marketing, management and always your business financing.

There are many ways to finance a startup or robustly growing business; invoice factoring is one of those flexible options that can easily grow with your  business success. Which types of financing work best as you mature thru the business cycles? It is important to realize that one financing option may be good for business in the early stages of growth, but may be a disaster years down the road when the company is more established. Startups often choose to seek financing from family and friends, seed capital, joint ventures, or even crowdfunding sources because the business is not obligated to make payments right away, but may have to sacrifice a piece of your sweat and equity company.  On the other hand, mature-phase businesses with typically stable credit history can use traditional bank lines, accessing equity and debt as needed.

That leaves us with growth-phase businesses;  during this stage the owner doesn’t want to dilute their equity ownership (sell part of company) with investor money.  At the same time, a growth-phase business doesn’t want to squander away the little cash flow it has by making monthly payments on a line of credit.

The Best Financing for Growing  – Factoring your Accounts Receivables Phase

Invoices financing is the single best financing options for an in-growth-phase businesses know as factoring.  Many business do not have 3 years history of profitability or stable cash flow to show the bank to obtain approvals. Factoring will improve your cash positions with supplies, meeting payroll timely and save you from sacrificing equity of your company.  This financing tool can be approved and funded in less than one week, and is flexible enough to adjust as your company demands.  Plus its looks good on your financial statement as no debt is created thus no payments are due.  This type of financing will put in you position for the next phase which we be to apply for a more economical local business bank loan.

As your cash-flow stabilizes and your credit history improves your company will mature from using factoring financing to your local bank loan; these entities may work together with an       Inter-creditor Agreement enabling you to maximize your dollars as each lender has a different tolerance for risk and flexibility.

Although invoice factoring seems to be uniquely suited to growth-phase businesses, some start-ups, that have already produced and delivered product will use invoice factoring.  Additionally, some cash-hungry mature businesses, also like using invoice factoring when traditional lines are maxed.

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